Fabulous Linens is proud to celebrate its 10th year of business! Fabulous Linens is a local family owned and operated business and the secret to our success is that we truly care about each and every one of our clients! We offer our clients a great product and service at a fabulous price!

Fabulous Linens Story
Hi my name is Tamiko Hunter and I am the owner of Fabulous Linens.  After I graduated from UCLA many years ago I started working in the Entertainment  business for companies such as Disney, NBC Universal, Sony and Paramount! During that time a married my college sweetheart! I planned my whole wedding by myself because I was a coordinator and one of the youngest and best on movie sets. While planning my wedding I saw a real need for fabulous and affordable linens and so a light bulb went off and I put it in the back of my mind. A couple years later when my husband signed a contract to play for the Arizona Rattlers Arena football team we fell in love with the city!  We bought a house and planted our roots! For the first two years of living in phoenix I commuted back and forth to Los Angeles. But after a while I grew tired of all the traveling and working 80 plus hours a week! I wanted more out of life and I wanted a family! Since Phoenix did not have an entertainment industry I decieded to walk out on faith and start Fabulous Linens! 

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